Halloween for Hunger

Trick or Treat to feed the hungry

It's simple.

A few days before Halloween, take a flyer to your neighbor's houses, letting them know you are doing a canned food drive.

On Halloween night, get dressed up with your friends in your ghoulish (or funny or fancy) costumes. Let them know you are there to collect donations of canned food instead of candy!

Then you can later take the donations to your local food bank.

This is a great autumn holiday activity for kids and teens - a way to particate in Halloween activities while helping others n the community.

Kids can learn that they can set a good example for other kids (and adults) while having fun!



Find a Food Bank

You can find your local food bank using this list: http://feedingamerica.org/foodbank-results.aspx

 You can also donate through that site, to help alleviate hunger where it's most needed in the US. 

Volunteer at your Local Food Bank!

Once you have collected donations of food, you and your friends can deliver it to your food bank - you may find that you can help volunteer as well.

Last year, our group helped stock the shelves of the food bank, after we deliver 200 pounds of donated food!

Remember that your food bank may be in a cold warehouse in the winter - check beforehand to ensure you are properly dressed! 

We took the donations we collected to Food for Others, a food bank in Virginia that feeds 1,800 families every week!

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